Detect errors in Angular applications

Automatically capture errors alongside diagnostic reports and fix them for your users
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Automatic Angular error tracking
Capture Angular errors and prioritize the ones that need fixing
Easily integrate with Bugsnag
Bugsnag for Angular is easy to install via npm or yarn. It only takes a few minutes to setup, and you'll immediately begin detecting errors. The library is incredibly small, has no external dependencies, and works in all browsers, including mobile. View the example project.
AngularJS stacktrace
Real-time alerts where you already work
Bugsnag automatically alerts you via Slack and PagerDuty when errors are detected. Select your alerting preferences to know when new errors, regressions, or spike in your error rate occur.
Proactively address software quality
Visibility into errors is only the first step. With two-way integrations and in-app workflow, you'll also make progress prioritizing bugs and moving them through your debugging process.
Comprehensive Angular error reports
Pinpoint the root cause of errors so you can fix them efficiently
Angular component and context where error was generated
See a full stacktrace with source code
Bugsnag automatically captures a stacktrace with source code inline for easier debugging. Use sourcemaps with Bugsnag to get a fully readable stacktrace for every error.
Angular specific diagnostic data
Capture detailed information about the Angular-specific component and context where the error occurred.
Automatically collected breadcrumbs
See a timeline of user actions and events leading up to the error. Breadcrumbs can help you reproduce a bug and prove you've fixed it. You can even send additional breadcrumbs to your report.
Environment diagnostic data
Reproduce errors with important diagnostic data like browser and version, OS, request, and more. You can also send custom data unique to your application for even more detailed reports.
Angular breadcrumbs in error reports
Effective Angular error reporting
Thoughtfully built with front-end requirements in mind
Filter Angular errors
Focused debugging with powerful filtering
Working at volume on the clientside can make it hard to find the most important errors. Use Bugsnag's filters to search errors by user, version, browser, and more, and surface the errors most relevant to you.
Know which users experienced the error
Identify users alongside errors so you can see how widespread an error is. If it's really harmful, you can even reach out to your customers and proactively alert them of the fix.
Cross-browser error grouping
From old IE to modern Chrome, monitor your JS errors everywhere. See your errors from modern browsers grouped together flawlessly, even if you use minification and cache-busting techniques.
Decrease noisy errors
Domain whitelisting, discarding errors from legacy browsers, and stripped out browser extension errors help to decrease noisy Angular errors, and keep you focused on the ones that matter. Learn more JS monitoring best practices.
See users who experienced AngularJS error
Production ready Angular error reporting
Resilient Angular error reporting that's used on some of the world's most popular apps including Airbnb, Pandora, and Eventbrite
Lightweight library
Integrating with Bugsnag's lightweight Angular library does not cause any significant performance decreases.
Open source
All Bugsnag notifiers are open source so you can see the exception handling code and even make pull requests to suggest improvements.
Enterprise level security
Send errors to our servers using 256-bit SSL, the same encryption used by the world’s leading banks. Or you can host Bugsnag on premise for total control of your error data.
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