Improve software quality for your users

Group errors by root cause, illustration.

Capture every error

Automatically collect errors and group by root cause

Various shapes of errors, illustration.

Focus on impact

Assess the impact of each error and see the crashing line of code

Lines of code in browser, illustration.

Track software quality

Spot regressions in code quality using the Releases dashboard

Request free error monitoring for your open source project or non-profit organization

Make something for the community through an open source license or non-profit certificate

Create a free BugSnag account on

Apply for a free plan through the request form

Eligibility guidelines

Have an open source license or non-profit government-issued certificate

Be non-commercial, non-political, non-offensive, non-religious

Plan for open source and non-profit organizations

What you will provide:
  • A link to your Open Source License or Non-Profit Certificate
  • A link to your README for your Open Source Project, or the About page on your Non-Profit website
  • The email address associated with your BugSnag project
  • A link to your updated README or website displaying the BugSnag logo with a backlink to
What we will provide:
  • Free usage of BugSnag
  • Up to 15,000 events per month
  • Up to 15 collaborators
  • Access to Releases Dashboard and Session Tracking
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“I depend on BugSnag for error reporting across all my apps. It's indispensable for quickly finding and squashing bugs.”
Taylor Otwell
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