Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting Basics 


Software bugs are a common unintended side effect of the software development process. But without monitoring them, they can quickly lead to a heap of technical debt, delayed timelines, and soaring costs – not to mention a frustrated development team. 

Error monitoring and crash reporting are essential to catch bugs early and avoid these problems. While most software teams are familiar with log files and test automation, this won’t tell the whole story. Not every bug is the same, just like the impact certain bugs have on your VIP users, critical app functions, or even revenue. 

We’ve written an eBook to guide you on your way to sift through the data and fix the bugs most impactful to your app and userbase in record time through a reliable, cost-efficient strategy. 

In this short but actionable eBook, you’ll learn: 

  • What is Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting? 
  • How Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting Helps You and Your Team 
  • Choosing Between Home-Grown vs. Off-the-Shelf Solutions 
  • How Bugsnag Helps Fix Bugs in Record Time 
  • Frequently Asked Questions