Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting Best Practices for Unreal Engine 


Unreal Engine is one of the world’s most powerful 3D gaming engines. Game developers around the world use Unreal to create beautiful and immersive environments for their users to explore. To ensure a great user experience, developers must execute best practices for error monitoring and crash reporting. 

It’s all fun and games until the game crashes – which can lead to downstream effects on your overall business and brand reputation. Practicing robust error monitoring and crash reporting ensures that your users will never encounter a ragequit, whether on mobile, PC, or console. 

In this ebook, learn about the strategies behind error monitoring and crash reporting for Unreal games and how your developers can utilize them to spend less time on bug fixing and more time levelling up, plus: 

  • Crash reporting approaches: AAA vs. indie studios 
  • How crashes and errors impact your business and developers 
  • How gaming studios optimize error monitoring and crash reporting today 
  • Tool suggestions for getting started