Error Monitoring for Financial Service Applications

Safeguard your assets by delivering consistent and reliable client experiences. Invest in application stability with BugSnag.
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Reliability, guaranteed.
It’s what your clients expect with every interaction.

It’s no secret that finance and banking applications are held to the highest standards. Clients demand consistency and complete peace of mind from their financial institutions, and those expectations extend to every touchpoint—especially applications. 

Seamless Experiences

Deliver error-free client interactions

Wise Investments

Know when to build new features or fix bugs

Better Servicing

Shield your high-value clients from errors

Downloads of financial apps increased by 71% and were opened more than one trillion times in 2019.

Increase developer productivity by 50% with actionable error reports

BugSnag’s detailed and precise error reports provide developers with the exact information needed to efficiently reproduce and fix software errors. Our portfolio of error insights accounts for every situation.

  • Automatic error grouping by root cause
  • Fully-readable stack traces and breadcrumbs
  • Environment data and custom metadata
  • Automatic ANR and OOM detection for Android and iOS

“BugSnag gives us much more clarity that we wouldn’t otherwise have in terms of where the bug might lie in the code, what the user was doing when they encountered it, and what platforms and devices are hitting it. All that context is extremely helpful for speeding up the investigative process.”

Engineering Manager, Chime

Error Notifications

Facilitate a culture of code ownership and efficiency

Alerting capabilities make it easy to inform the right developer when an error occurs in any part of the codebase. With the Alerting and Workflow Engine, errors can be prioritized, and noise from notifications can be minimized, which enables developers to:

  • Focus alerts for decision making purposes
  • Fine-tune alerts to make them actionable
  • Leverage alerts to drive code ownership

BugSnag and logging tools work together

Common logging solutions are helpful but not designed to help the engineer reproduce and fix errors.

  • Automatically group errors by root cause and identify issues caused by Android ANR and iOS OOM crashes
  • Receive rich error reports with a readable stack trace, breadcrumbs, environment data, and custom metadata
  • Integrate with your logging solution for a holistic view of errors to help with triaging and fixing

“My observation is that the teams, especially the quality assurance team, are much more efficient in how we compare releases and how we deploy, which means you start to deploy with confidence.”

Daniel Gebler, CTO, Picnic

Prioritize and fix errors with speed

Deliver a consistently smooth customer experience

Build and grow your software app while maintaining software health

App Stability and App Performance aren’t the same thing

APM focuses on infrastructure, site reliability, and DevOps. Application stability management (ASM) focuses on improving software health and boosting developer productivity. While APM seeks to reduce costs, ASM seeks to maximize revenue.

“Square uses BugSnag for error monitoring throughout the whole release process.”

Pierre-Yves Ricau, Android Tech Lead, Square

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Stability Management: Trusted by developers.

Manage trade-offs between bug fixing and feature development

Finding the right strategic balance between investing in bug fixes and building new features can be a real challenge. Take the guesswork out of the process with the Stability Center. The health of every project release is viewable at a glance, and the stability targets you set provide the guidance needed to determine whether it’s time to build or fix.

Prevent cold hard crashes with stability management

Any application error or crash can destroy client confidence. Ensure your clients navigate without disruption by using the Release Dashboard, which displays stability scores (crash-free rates) for every release. This data-driven approach provides visibility so you can prioritize and fix business critical and revenue-impacting errors with speed and precision. 

Using BugSnag, Chime decreased its crash rate by 50% in less than six months.

Secure and protect high-value client relationships

In a competitive market, it’s important to deliver the highest level of service possible to your most valuable clients. With the advanced search builder, you can filter and bookmark errors that impact a particular segment of users, or even a specific feature within your application.   

Error Search and Segmentation

Trust BugSnag to secure your data

BugSnag meets the industry’s strictest certifications for security, privacy, and control. Customers on an Enterprise Plan also have the option to deploy a completely self-hosted version of BugSnag. Financial institutions depend on BugSnag to protect their data, meet their security standards, and scale for enterprise-level error volume from high usage applications.

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Fast to appraise, easy to approve: Switch to BugSnag today.

Enterprise gold support

Select enterprise gold support to receive personal assistance from our expert team of engineers who are invested in your success. Our support team prepares bespoke solutions to help you set up your error reports in a way that enriches your error monitoring workflow in order to achieve your key business objectives.

"I have to say that you and the other guys on your team provide the best support I’ve ever encountered in a tech company."

Principal Software Engineer, Television Network Company

“I can’t overstate how important it is for us to have this crash data, and to have it as quickly as we have it, to have it as real-time as we have it.”

Jordan Golinkoff, Sr. Data Scientist, Pandora

Data piping flexibility

Without any hidden costs, BugSnag offers high-volume JSON read/write APIs and business intelligence (BI) integrations with Amazon SQS and Splunk. BugSnag enables you to download your own data into internal tools as you please.


Connect and share information across alert, chat, data forwarding, issues tracking, SSO, and source control tools. Enjoy two-way syncing with issue trackers like Jira.

Platform support

BugSnag is compatible with over 50 platforms, including Android, iOS, React Native, Unity, and Cocos2d-x.