October 16, 2023

Achieving Observability Goals: A Conversation with TestGuild

Last month, TestGuild’s Joe Colantonio sat down with two of SmartBear’s product wizards to discuss the world of developer observability and upcoming trends.

Eran Grabiner is co-founder of distributed tracing tool Aspecto, which was acquired by SmartBear earlier this year. Right now, he works as Director of Product Management for Aspecto spearheading observability projects.

Justin Collier is a longtime member of the SmartBear team and currently serves as Senior Director of Product Management. Previously part of the API and Testing spheres of SmartBear, he joined the observability team earlier this year.

In the episode, these experts discuss:

  • How observability has brought down barriers between production and pre-production
  • The rise of open-source observability tools
  • Current market needs for observability solutions
  • How practicing observability can save money and boost revenue
  • The differences between digital experience vs. APM vs. Observability
  • Best practices for integrating observability into your software development lifecycle

Thank you TestGuild for having us on to discuss our favorite subject – developer observability!

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