December 16, 2020

BugSnag and the non-profit community give back: holidays 2020

Last year, I shared a blog that highlights some of the wonderful non-profit organizations and open source projects that serve our community year-round. These groups use BugSnag for error monitoring and application stability management which empowers them to maintain healthy apps and spend more time focused on serving their mission. Whether it be to support education, the environment, or hobbies that bring joy, we are happy to lend a hand to show our thanks.

This year, many of you extended your hands of service in response to COVID-19. Through software applications, you promoted medical research, volunteerism, news broadcasting, and other areas of service that keep us safe, healthy, and connected. Thank you! We are happy to support your error monitoring and application stability management while you help make our world better. Here are some examples of what you’ve created.

Fighting the pandemic through community enablement

Helping citizens stay alert and informed, COVID-19 Tracker is an Android app that monitors the spread of the virus in India. The app displays data based on information from You can learn more about the project on their Github page. Another is Helpful Engineering, an international community managing various projects that mobilize people to help fight COVID-19. Thousands of volunteers worldwide offer support through engineering, software, manufacturing, and other resources. Another group called Oak National Academy is a community led response to COVID-19, which is supported by the U.K. government and incubated by The Reach Foundation, an education charity. Oak National Academy focuses on providing education at home to students, as well as support to teachers and parents.

Source: Oak National Academy

Promoting medical health and wellness

Many groups are supporting world health even beyond the virus. Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) is an independent non-profit organization and the leader in brain and nervous system research. Their mission is to prevent, treat, and cure brain and nervous system diseases, disorders, and injuries through medical research. Maisha Meds is a non-profit organization based in Kenya where they are building a free mobile app for small, local pharmacies. The app is designed to manage inventory and sales. It also allows them to subsidize medication for patients. Community Impact Volunteers is an online group that promotes volunteerism and offers training on behavioral health topics such as sexual assault prevention, harassment prevention, disabilities awareness, substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention, and mental health.

Source: Maisha Meds

Wise Group is a family of charitable organizations whose work includes health and wellbeing services, housing support, employment and navigation services, education, and training. One of their projects, Just a Thought, provides free online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for all New Zealanders. Goodify provides an online platform to connect people who need help and who would like to offer good deeds. Where there is a need, there is an opportunity for one to make a difference in another’s life.

Source: Goodify

Thank you

Please feel free to learn more about the organizations listed above as well as offer support if you are able. You can learn more about BugSnag offerings for non-profit organizations and open source projects on our website here. Thank you again to all of you in the world who have shown kindness this year, whether it was through your technical skills or even personal interactions. We look forward to serving you in the coming year and wish you the best. Happy Holidays!

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