September 15, 2015

Where we’ll be this fall

In the next few months, the Bugsnag team will be at several conferences, meeting with users and talking about some of the projects we’re working on. We’d love to talk with you, so be sure to find us if you’re at one of these events:

GitHub Universe

GitHub Universe logo

GitHub Universe is happening in San Francisco on October 1st and 2nd. James, our CEO and Co-founder, is speaking about rethinking production monitoring on Friday as part of the deploy track. Here’s a peek at his talk:

Your team has been tasked with releasing new and better versions of your product at record speed. But the risk of moving this quickly is that things break in production and users abandon your buggy application. To stay competitive, you can’t just ship fast – you also have to solve for quality.

This session will help you rethink what it means to actively monitor your application in production so your team can ship fast with confidence. With the right tooling, workflow, and organizational structures in place, you don’t have to sacrifice release times or stability. When things break, you’ll be able to fix errors before they impact your users.


ZendCon logo

From October 19th-22nd, we’ll be in Las Vegas at ZendCon to hang out with developers and talk about how Bugsnag handles error monitoring for PHP apps.


RubyConf logo

RubyConf will be held in San Antonio, Texas, from November 15th to 17th, and Bugsnag will be returning as a Platinum sponsor.


AnDevCon logo

As the year comes to a close, our team will be at AnDevCon in Santa Clara, CA, from December 1st-3rd to talk with Android developers.


We’re looking forward to being at all these conferences, so be sure to come by our booth and say hello!

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