Gain visibility into your feature flags and experiments

Monitor the stability of your experiments. Identify feature exclusive errors before they reach your audience.
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App Releases Dashboard
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Rollout or rollback using real-time data

Make data-driven decisions about phasing the rollout of new releases based on stability

Monitor errors in feature flags and experiments, including A/B tests to promote the most stable version to production

Deliver more stable releases faster by reducing the burden of technical debt

Find and fix issues in new releases to confidently accelerate them into production

“BugSnag is a great way of logging crashes reliably, efficiently assigning those issues to your teams, and resolving them in a timely manner in order to focus on new features and provide a better experience for your users.”

Billy Pham, Technical Program Manager

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Put your best app forward. Every time.

Monitor how new releases impact the stability of your application and user experience

Gain real-time visibility into errors introduced by feature flags and experiments to understand the impact on users

Discover and fix exclusive errors in new releases, feature flags, and experiments so you can re-release a more stable version

Speed the release of new features to keep users engaged

Drive progressive delivery to deploy code changes quickly, while managing risks and keeping the user experience front and center.

Release new features with confidence by monitoring the stability of A/B tests or experiments

Phase the rollout of new releases by granting power users early-access and stamping out critical bugs before GA

Make data-driven decisions about new releases from pre-production to production with continuous app stability monitoring

App Releases Dashboard

Balance roadmap velocity with addressing bugs and technical debt

You want to deliver high-quality and innovative apps at scale, but it’s hard to know when to build new features and when to focus on errors. BugSnag delivers observability insights, so you know exactly where errors are occurring and how they impact your app. This data lets you know whether to prioritize feature building or bug fixing.

Make every error actionable

It’s hardly fair, is it? Behind every strong user experience sits complicated software that engineers must manage. Why do only end users have it so easy?

Not anymore! With app stability management, BugSnag delivers full stack observability and rich diagnostics, which simplifies the engineering experience and makes each error actionable.

  • Automatic error grouping by root cause
  • Fully-readable stack traces
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Environment data
  • Automatic ANR and OOM detection
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Know your software inside and out. Adopt BugSnag today.

Same-day migration

Whether you currently rely on a logging system or a DIY homegrown tool, BugSnag makes it easy to transition to a stability management solution

  • Fast onboarding and intuitive user experience
  • Personal assistance from a specialized onboarding team
  • Quick response times and helpful support
  • Proactive management and monitoring of your reporting and dashboard setup
  • Option to select enterprise-level support

Lightweight SDK does not compromise application performance

With complex software systems, the last thing you need is to add a heavy component. With BugSnag, all the powerful stability management and error monitoring capabilities are packaged into a single lightweight SDK with minimal dependencies. 

That means there’s no impact on the size and load time of your app, which means you gain actionable insights into app health and user experiences without compromising on performance.

Support for 50+ development platforms and pre-built integrations help speed time-to-value

Developers should never waste time on workflow issues. Connect and share information across alert, chat, data forwarding, issues tracking, SSO, and source control tools with BugSnag’s secure integrations. Issue trackers like Jira are set up with a two-way sync to update both systems automatically.

BugSnag is compatible with over 50 platforms, including Android, iOS, React Native, Unity, and Cocos2d-x.