Bugsnag for Web

Focus on the JavaScript bugs that impact your users and business
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Easily identify and prioritize the most impactful errors

JS errors can really add up. Bugsnag makes it easy to pinpoint the ones with the greatest impact using powerful search and segmentation, coupled with techniques like correlating errors to user or IP address and versioning your code to track deployments.

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Faster debugging with detailed JavaScript error reports

A full error report makes it easier to reproduce and fix JavaScript bugs. Bugsnag supports source maps so you can see full stacktraces, even for minified code, plus breadcrumbs which give you a clear understanding of how to reproduce a bug.

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Know the health of your browser apps

When it comes to client side debugging, the high volume of errors can make it difficult to know when debugging is a priority. With the stability score, you can set a target for yourself, and when it drops too low, you’ll know it’s time to spend time improving app stability.

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