Looking for an alternative to APM tools for crash reporting?

BugSnag provides actionable insights to prioritize and fix the bugs that matter
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Increase productivity with a tool designed specifically for developers

Do your AppDynamics and New Relic solutions include the features your developers need? To find out, ask them:

  • Do you have a login to AppDynamics or New Relic?
  •  Do you log in on a daily basis? 
  • Do you like using AppDynamics or New Relic for prioritizing and fixing bugs?

Because Application Performance Monitoring tools like AppDynamics and New Relic focus on running apps, they are geared towards Infrastructure, SRE, and DevOps teams who monitor performance and uptime. AppDynamics and New Relic weren’t designed for building and improving apps, which is what engineers need. 

With BugSnag’s stability scores and data-driven insights, developers can prioritize and fix errors with speed and agility, which delivers strong customer experiences and retains users.


Application Performance Monitoring


Audience & Ownership

  • Building and improving apps
  • Running apps

What it does

How it works

  • Infrastructure, SRE & DevOps
  • Engineering, Product, QA, Support, Client Observability

Application Focus

  • Identify errors


  • Stabilize  |  Prioritize  |  Fix errors
  • Deliver actionable insights
  • Data output based on aggregates


Economic Impact

  • Web app is business critical
  • Rudimentary mobile support
  • Full context behind every single crash
  • Mobile app is business critical
  • Full stack: mobile, web, server-side
  • Load and response times
  • Uptime and availability
  • MTTR
  • Stability score
  • Developer productivity
  • App store ratings
  • CSAT
  • Customer experience
  • Customer retention
  • App store ratings
  • Brand reputation
  • Keeping the lights on
  • Correlation between code and infrastructure
  • Maximizing revenue
  • Reducing costs
Dashboard showing releases stability.

Monitor and track application stability in real-time

  • Measure application stability for every release and receive actionable insights that determine when it’s the right time to build new features or fix bugs
  • Facilitate cross-team decisions by using stability scores to monitor application health against SLAs and SLOs and by setting critical stability and target stability goals
  • Pinpoint which errors have the greatest impact on application stability and key customers to determine prioritization
  • Use the release health dashboard to ensure high-quality releases and features, promote builds, roll back unstable code, and make errors actionable 
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Discover the right bugs to fix with complete control over segmentation

  • Provide developers with the source and full context of every error and crash.
  • Decide how to best address errors and keep key customers happy when you filter by spend, SLA, or subscription tier to boost app stability.
  • Use the search bar to segregate events by device, application, thread, experiments, stacktrace, and custom attributes.
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Proactive enterprise support

BugSnag engineers are dedicated to empowering you with stability monitoring to ensure the health of your applications. They work hand-in-hand with you to get you up and running and deliver proactive support for any questions that may arise.

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First-party data ownership

Want to host BugSnag on your infrastructure or cloud instance to meet enterprise privacy, security, and compliance requirements? Not a problem.

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Connect BugSnag to your current tools with ease

Engineering teams rely on a variety of solutions in order to work within and across teams, including tools for issue tracking, data forwarding, and chat. BugSnag recognizes the importance of fitting into this ecosystem and integrates with more than 40 tools, including Slack, Jira, DataDog, GitHub, and Splunk.

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Gusto engineers use BugSnag for greater visibility into errors, clear indicators for the impact of each error, and complete diagnostics to resolve errors quickly.
"BugSnag is a central tool that enables us to create an ownership mentality for all software engineers."

Eddie Kim

CTO and Co-Founder