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Meet enterprise privacy, security, and compliance requirements by hosting BugSnag on-premise via your infrastructure or cloud instance.
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First-party data ownership

We process billions of crash reports per day for the world’s leading applications and provide actionable insights to improve application health, stability, and quality.

Self-host your own BugSnag instance to use our powerful application stability management platform on-premise.
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Maintain complete control of data privacy and security policies and customize the implementation to your environment.

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Run within your existing environments and meet PCI or any other compliance standards without additional effort.

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Horizontally scale to accommodate enterprise-level error volume from high usage applications.

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Deployment options

On-Premise single machine, illustration.

Single machine

BugSnag can be deployed to a single machine and provides you access to all the capabilities of our Application Stability Management Platform.

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Full stacktraces and automatic breadcrumbs

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Powerful search and segmentation functionality

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A/B testing and experiment analysis

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Support for 50+ platforms including React Native and JavaScript

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Built-in alerts via email, Slack, PagerDuty, and more

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Scale BugSnag across multiple machines for high availability and processing of a high volume of errors.

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All the capabilities of the BugSnag Application Stability Management Platform

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Multi-machine clustering with Kubernetes

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High availability for hot failover

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Automatic scaling of containers based on error volume

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Easy and templatized rollout via CloudFormation

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Simple configuration of settings and scaling options

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Proactive support from BugSnag engineers

Hands on, proactive support is included with each of our On-Premise offerings. You can choose between fully-managed or self-managed support options for Clustered On-Premise depending on how you want to manage the cluster.

BugSnag engineers who deeply care about the health of your applications work closely with you to understand your needs, and help you design and execute the best implementation.

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Over 6,000 of the world's best engineering teams use BugSnag to build better software

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"Overall, BugSnag has helped me become more confident in the code I ship, which in turn helps me ship faster.”

Blake Mesdag

Sr. Developer, CI Infrastructure Team