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August 12, 2020

Introducing deeper insights into the stability of mobile application releases

We’re excited to share that Bugsnag now provides deeper insights into the stability of your mobile application releases. New graphs in the Releases dashboard for stability and adoption over time build upon the existing release analytics and insights in Bugsnag, including the stability score, stability targets, and adoption indicator.

Whereas the existing analytics per release provide insights into the health of each release over its lifetime, it is also valuable to understand how the stability of each release has changed over time and compare it to other releases alongside adoption data. 

Let’s dive into how these new insights can help you manage the stability of your applications.

See the stability and adoption trends of each release in one place

You can now see the stability and adoption trends of each release in one place. This is especially useful for engineers that may not have access to release adoption data in Google Play Console or App Store Connect. 

Seeing the stability trends of each release alongside adoption trends allows you to make data-driven decisions such as rolling out a release to a larger percentage of users once it meets your stability standards. 

Understand how and why stability is changing over time

The graphs also help you better understand what is happening with your releases. You can answer questions such as:

  • How much did the stability of a release change over time?
  • Why did the stability change? Are there any usage patterns or backend service interruptions that were responsible for the change?
  • Is the stability of one release consistently better or worse than other releases? What context should I be aware of when comparing releases to each other?

For example, during the recent Facebook SDK outages, developers working on the iOS apps that saw a spike in crashes as a result of the outage would be able to see in Bugsnag that the stability dropped significantly on May 6 and July 9 and then recovered to pre-outage levels once the issue was resolved by Facebook.

Deeper insights into your releases can help you better understand the health of every release over time and make data-driven decisions about managing the stability of your mobile application.

Get started

Release stability insights, including the latest stability and adoption trends graphs, are available in Bugsnag’s Standard and Enterprise plans

Existing customers can see the new graphs in the Releases dashboard of their mobile projects today. You’ll notice that only top releases are shown in the graph -- used by more than 5% of sessions in any single day in the past 30 days, or more than 0.1% of sessions today for recent releases. Please contact Support if you have any questions or feedback.

If you’re new to Bugsnag, start a 14-day free trial or request a customized demo of our error monitoring and stability management platform.

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