Get powerful iOS crash reporting

Automatically detect crashes in your iOS apps and get the answers you need to fix them and deliver a crash-free experience

Comprehensive iOS crash reports

Faster debugging with in-depth reports, right out of the box

Upload dSYMs

See a full, desymbolicated stacktrace in every crash report. Debug knowing the exact method name and line number that crashed.

Automatically collect debug info

Capture all the crash data you need to reproduce and fix a bug are automatically collected in a detailed report including device model, OS version, battery state, thread state for all threads, and more.

Get alerted to errors affecting users

Bugsnag automatically captures errors and alerts you via email, Slack, PagerDuty, and more. You'll also see detailed error reports in your dashboard for faster debugging.

Integrate with your Laravel ecosystem

Bugsnag works well with your Laravel tooling — integrate with the application logger, or monitor your Lumen projects, too, with Bugsnag for Lumen.

Real-time alerts where you already work

Bugsnag automatically alerts you via Slack and PagerDuty when errors are detected. Select your alerting preferences to know when new errors, regressions, or spike in your error rate occur.

Proactively address software quality

Visibility into errors is only the first step. With two-way integrations and in-app workflow, you'll also make progress prioritizing bugs and moving them through your debugging process.

Automatic breadcrumbs

Common events leading up to a crash are automatically captured, so you can reproduce app crashes with certainty and prove you've fixed a bug. Auto-capture not enough? Go further and customize breadcrumbs using the NSNotification pipeline.

OOM Detection and Reporting

Effectively diagnose and fix the cause of Out of Memory app termination events. Bugsnag automatically captures OOM events and provides powerful diagnostic information including breadcrumbs so you can see the actions users performed in the run-up to these events. Available on native iOS, React Native, and Unity apps.

Intelligent crash grouping

Prioritize the most harmful bugs first, with tools that help you cut through the noise and discover critical bugs

Reliable, best in class error grouping

Identifying which errors happen most and hurt the most users is powered by Bugsnag's intelligent error categorization and grouping. Aggregating errors by root cause decreases noise in your notifications and helps you assess impact.

Powerful filtering and sorting

Find specific errors that need investigating, like those affecting a certain version of your app, or a user reported bug. Filtering updates user and event counts so you can assess impact from a zoomed in view of your crash data.

Reproduce errors with environment data

Important diagnostic data is automatically collected on each error like the browser and version, OS, request, and React specific data. You can also send custom data if what we capture isn’t enough.

Automatically collected user activity

Efficiently reproduce errors with a timeline of user and system events leading up to each error, like clicks, console logs and errors, page load, and more.

Know when problems spike

If a backend or API change causes an increase in errors, Bugsnag alerts you immediately. The error spiking algorithm uses an exponential moving average to identify anomalies in your error rate.

Benchmark releases

Use the Releases dashboard to decide if a release is successful or needs to be rolled back. The crash rate indicator shows the percentage of sessions in a release that end in a crash, allowing you to compare release health and track improvements over time.

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Learn more about release health

User and environment data

Bugsnag automatically captures diagnostic data like request information, session data, and more. It also captures user information in order to correlate errors with customers.

Customize your error reports

Bugsnag automatically captures as much information as possible, but since all apps are unique, you can easily customize your reportand send the data you need to assess and reproduce every error.

Built for effective iOS crash detection

Thoughtfully built with mobile crash reporting requirements in mind

Swift and Objective C support

Whether you're writing your iOS apps in Swift or Objective C, Bugsnag will capture all unhandled and handled exceptions and report them to you.

Begin in minutes or dig deeper

You'll see value in minutes with Bugsnag's quick installation, but if you need to dig deeper, you can customize at the nuts and bolts level to meet your requirements.

Async safe

Bugsnag's Cocoa library is async safe so you can be sure crash handling is graceful when your app is in a delicate state. After a crash, Bugsnag writes the report to disk and sends it along in the next launch.

Detect NSError instances

Capture NSError instances, too, so you can debug network connectivity issues or database failures, even if your app didn't completely crash.

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Correlate errors with users

Looking at error counts alone won't give you a full understanding of an error's severity. Correlate errors with users to see how widespread an error really is.

Decrease noisy errors

Cross-browser error grouping, domain whitelisting, discarding errors from legacy browsers, and stripped out browser extension errors help to decrease noisy React errors and keep you focused on the ones that matter. Learn more JS monitoring best practices.

Production ready iOS crash reporting service

Resilient iOS crash reporting service that's used on some of the world's most popular apps including Airbnb, Pandora, and Yelp

Lightweight library

Integrating with Bugsnag's lightweight Cocoa library does not cause any significant performance decreases

Open source

Gain insight into the exception handling code with Bugsnag's open source libraries. Users are able to make pull requests and suggest improvements to the platform.

Enterprise level security

Bugsnag uses 256 bit SSL, which is the level of encryption used by leading government and enterprise organizations. Additionally, Bugsnag can be hosted on-premise to ensure complete data control.

Breakup with Crashlytics

Frustrated with Crashlytics? Watch our video on why Andi and Ashly are breaking up. Breakups are usually tough, but see why this one isn’t for Andi.

If you’re increasingly frustrated with Crashlytics, watch our video on why Andi and Ashly are breaking up. Although breakups are usually tough, see why this one isn’t for Andi because among many disappointments, Ashly isn’t interested in speaking to Andi’s relatives in React Native.

If you’re increasingly frustrated with Crashlytics, watch our video on why Andi and Ashly are breaking up. Although breakups are usually tough, see why this one isn’t for Andi because among many disappointments, Ashly isn’t interested in meeting Andi’s Kotlin friends.

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