December 11, 2019

Season of giving: BugSnag supports social good

‘Tis the season for good will. The Bugsnag team feels especially blessed to find a supportive community in all of you. During this holiday season, we are reminded of those in our community whose generosity extends year-round. Many of you in the developer community commit your careers to working with non-profit organizations that help make communities happier and healthier. Many others promote collaboration and education through your open source projects. 

Across the globe, developers for non-profits and open source projects use BugSnag to manage the software stability of their applications. With BugSnag, they can automatically detect crashes in production, group and prioritize fixing the most impactful errors, and then reproduce and fix errors with ease. By saving hours of time where they would have been searching for and fixing bugs, they can now focus on building features for their application to help further their charitable efforts.

Healthy apps strengthen conservation and education

Source: World Wildlife Fund

BugSnag proudly supports efforts toward global environmental sustainability. The World Wildlife Fund, has spent the past 58 years working to preserve nature and protect Earth’s wildlife. Most recently, the WWF introduced a new strategy for combating the forces that threaten our planet. This new strategy introduces six key focus areas: forests, marine, freshwater, wildlife, food, and climate. The WWF have a web application and a mobile iOS application to promote their cause, highlight their projects, and get communities involved.

In Germany, Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation is a non-profit initiative with the goal to plant a trillion trees around the world. They built a mobile app in React Native to accelerate their Trillion Tree campaign. The mobile app allows people to plant trees themselves or donate to organizations around the world that will plant the trees on their behalf. With this unique approach, people can plant trees for just 10 cents and in several countries. 

Source: Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation

Over in Bangalore, Hasirudala’s Dry Waste Collection Center is a non-profit organization that works with civic bodies to track the flow of dry waste in dry waste collection centers. They also advocate for the welfare of waste workers. They built their software application using React on the frontend and Spring on the backend.

BugSnag also supports non-profits that promote education for our local communities. Starting with the youth, The Next School is a non-profit organization in the Netherlands that connects teachers with industry professionals. The organization facilitates communication between the two parties to prepare school curriculum for students, with the aim of giving students a better insight into the use of their school subjects in their future careers. They created a digital platform in order to reach more teachers and students.

Source: Entrepreneurs Club Cologne e.V

For those ready to enter the workforce, Entrepreneurs Club Cologne e.V., based in Germany, helps students and young entrepreneurs execute their business ideas. However, even without a business idea, Entrepreneurs Club Cologne will connect its members with internships and student jobs. The organization hosts monthly events and workshops for their members. Their Expo mobile app serves as a community hub to showcase upcoming events and ways to get involved.

Software stability powers open source projects

Without a doubt, your creativity continues to push limits. Your projects provide functional utility – for example, FreeSewing, an open source platform for made-to-measure sewing patterns. Your projects are also silly and fun – for example, Cat or Dog, a game of swiping photos to test how quickly you can distinguish between an image of a cat and an image of a dog. 

BugSnag is proud to support all of these organizations by offering free error monitoring and stability management solutions for their mobile, web, and server-side applications. Thank you for the work that you do to serve our people and our planet. 

BugSnag supports STEM programs

In addition to a free subscription offering, BugSnag donates funds to support other non-profit and open source groups. One example is Techbridge Girls, a non-profit that educates young girls from low-income communities on subjects in the science, technology, and engineering fields. BugSnag also donates to open source projects like MobX, ESLint, Babel,, Vue, Jest, and Rollup

This month, BugSnag is excited to announce its first scholastic contest. University students are invited to apply for a chance to win $1,000 toward enrollment in a coding camp. Follow the instructions HERE to submit a short essay describing your interest in coding and your career aspirations in the computer software industry. Restrictions apply, and the application will be open for a limited period. We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

Thank you to all who play a role in promoting social good. We are delighted to be part of this community. Happy Holidays from the BugSnag Team!

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