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Balance agility with stability, with powerful error monitoring and crash reporting from BugSnag
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Dashboard showing releases stability.

Make data-driven decisions about your apps

  • Set target and critical stability targets and use stability scores to determine whether you should build new features or fix bugs
  • Seamlessly move through your debugging workflow with collaboration features and two-way integrations with issue trackers and on-call tools
More about stability management

Issue tracker & on-call integrations

Alerts via email, chat, webhooks

Stability scores

Stability targets

Full stack monitoring for 50+ platforms

Workflow and collaboration tools

Full featured API

Tracking issues across release stages


Deliver consistently stable mobile apps to your users

Detect every error impacting the user experience and have all the context to prioritize and fix them efficiently with our powerful Android, iOS, and React Native support.

BugSnag for mobile

NDK and iOS crash detection

React Native support

De-obfuscated React Native stacktraces

Multiple React Native source map formats

iOS OOM detection

Android ANR detection


Intuitively search and segment

  • Improve app stability for key customers by segmenting errors by spend, SLA, or subscription tier and resolving these errors first
  • Diagnose and prioritize errors efficiently using our search bar to isolate events by stacktrace, thread, device, application, experiments, and custom attributes
More about search and segmentation

Robust search and error segmentation functionality from the industry leader in mobile crash reporting:

Search and segment icon.

Easily find, filter, & bookmark application errors

ID users icon.

Quickly identify affected users

Segment users icon.

Narrow in on customer segments

Error monitor report for testing icon.

Monitor app errors in A/B tests & experiments


Your trusted enterprise-scale partner

Our engineers care deeply about the health of your applications. They work hand-in-hand to get you up and running quickly and deliver proactive support.

First-party data ownership

You also have the flexibility to host BugSnag on your infrastructure or cloud instance to meet enterprise privacy, security and compliance requirements.

BugSnag On-Premises

BugSnag is the only company in the error monitoring and crash reporting space that provides:

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Comprehensive onboarding support 

ID users icon.

White glove service

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Dedicated executive sponsor, CSM, & Solutions Engineer

Yelp switched from Crashlytics to BugSnag and achieved a 99.98% mobile app stability target
"BugSnag makes it easy to receive an alert whenever something goes wrong, and is extremely quick. Alerts allow triage to occur without delay, and BugSnag has no negative impact on app starts. BugSnag’s error libraries are completely open source, which allows us to actually look at the code."

Antonio Niñirola

Engineering Manager

Breakups are tough.
Not this one.

Mobile developers find themselves increasingly frustrated by Crashlytics. If you’ve been let down too many times, watch this video to see if your relationship with Crashlytics is a lot like Andi’s relationship with Ashly.