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Get reliable crash reporting for mobile applications with Bugsnag. See the most important information for iOS, Android, Unity, and React Native applications..
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Built for monitoring mobile applications

Bugsnag vs. Crashlytics
Android Crash Rate Monitoring
iOS Crash Rate Monitoring
Unity Crash Rate Monitoring
React Native Crash Rate Monitoring
Public Crash Report Pages
Alerts via Email, Chat, Webhooks
TV Display Mode
Bugsnag Customer - Lyft
Moved from Crashlytics to Bugsnag to capture every error
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Automatically capture user actions leading up to a crash to make reproducing errors quicker

user breadcrumbs
Filter crashes by any metric

Find the exact error you're looking for with precise filtering

Accurate crash rate and sessions data gives you a definitive metric for release health

releases dashboard shows release health

Over 4,500 of the world's best engineering teams use Bugsnag to build better software

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