Looking for an alternative to HockeyApp?

HockeyApp is a mobile crash analytics service. If you’re looking for a more powerful alternative to HockeyApp, try Bugsnag for Android and iOS crash reporting.
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Detect errors with Bugsnag’s open source libraries

Detect errors
Across your entire stack for mobile, desktop, server, and web.
Support for React Native.
Go beyond crash reporting
Capture unhandled and handled errors and automatically collect diagnostic data.
Install in minutes
Lightweight SDKs minimize overhead.

Find the exact error you're looking for with precise filtering

Filter by any attribute to find the exact errors that matter

Find any specific error, or subset of errors, using filter attributes, like user or environmental diagnostic data.

Bugsnag is the only platform that retains all error data, so you can see precise error and users impacted counts, even after filtering down to a subset of errors.

Track progress on bug fixes in Bugsnag and your issue tracker

Efficient debugging workflow

Unlike HockeyApp, Bugsnag comes with built-in workflow features that help you streamline your debugging process. And the more efficient you become at debugging, the more time you’ll have to build better features for your users.

Integrate with your issue tracker to better manage bug fixes

Two-way integrations synchronize error status between your tools. Whether you’re in Bugsnag or your issue tracker, know definitively what progress has been made on bug fixes.

Thoughtfully built with mobile applications in mind

Support for dSYMs, Proguard, and Jack

Bugsnag automatically captures a stacktrace for every crash. We support dSYMs for iOS, and Proguard and Jack for Android SDK and NDK, allowing us to map crashes to your source code and build a readable stacktrace.

See user actions leading up to an error

Bugsnag for Cocoa and Android automatically capture breadcrumbs leading up to a crash. Breadcrumbs are a timeline of common user and system actions that can help you reproduce errors and prove you’ve fixed a bug.

Production ready crash reporting
for applications large and small

On-prem or hosted
Get started detecting errors at Bugsnag.com, or choose to host Bugsnag yourself and get the same great features while keep your data on-premise.
Enterprise level security
Send errors to our servers using 256-bit SSL, the same encryption used by the world’s leading banks.
Use our API
Use Bugsnag’s API to access your error data and build custom integrations.
Lightweight SDKs minimize overhead.

Over 4,500 of the world's best engineering teams use Bugsnag to build better software