Integrate with GitHub to see your source code in Bugsnag

Use Bugsnag to debug your applications
Bugsnag automatically captures exceptions and helps you prioritize and fix the most impactful errors
Get real-time visibility into the errors that happen most and impact your users
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Bugsnag errors grouped by root cause
Click to GitHub source code from stacktrace in Bugsnag
Go from stacktrace to source code with a single click to quickly view problematic code
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Investigate the code changes that introduce errors into your releases
Click to GitHub source code from Releases dashboard in Bugsnag
Create GitHub issue from Bugsnag error
Create GitHub issues from Bugsnag errors to easily manage bug fixes without switching applications
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Integrate Bugsnag with GitHub or GitHub Enterprise in a few steps
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GitHub integration configuration in Bugsnag
Real-time error monitoring
for your full stack
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