Save time with automatic error logging and monitoring.

Tired of sifting through a mountain of data to discover errors? Frustrated that you lack a proactive way to know when users are experiencing bugs and crashes?
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Actionable insights boost developer productivity

Tools like Splunk, Loggly, and DataDog provide centralized error logging, but they are missing the essential functionality that developers need, namely:

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Error prioritization

Ensure the bugs that matter are addressed first

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Fix errors with speed and address unstructured data that surfaces in error logs

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Two-way sync with Jira

Keep teams productive and aligned during debugging

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Streamline time-consuming tasks that slow down bug fixing

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Stability management

Measure and improve the health and stability of apps

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Focus on stability to deliver better customer experiences

With BugSnag, time and effort are never wasted searching through logs. Stability management delivers an automated method for tracking and addressing errors to improve the overall health of your applications.

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  • Stability scores and stability targets: Set stability score goals and stability and critical stability targets for every release, which make it easy to determine when it’s the right time to build new features or fix bugs.
  • Release health dashboard: Track stability in a single dashboard location that enables the promotion of builds and the roll back of unstable code.
  • Cross-team decision making: Bring Engineering, Product, QA, Release, and Support teams together using stability scores and targets, which allows everyone to monitor application health against SLAs and SLOs.
  • Error prioritization: Pinpoint which errors have the greatest impact on application stability and key customers to determine prioritization with speed and agility.
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Complete visibility into every error with BugSnag

Error logging tools like Splunk and Loggly have no way to prioritize errors by impact. Even worse, developers must have deep expertise in Splunk in order to make sense of errors when unstructured data surfaces.

  • Automatic prioritization of issues by impact: With structured error data grouped by root cause, it’s easy to see in BugSnag which errors affect the most users and which result in the greatest number of events.
  • End-to-end diagnostics: This capability includes the source and full context of every error and crash. Stack traces and breadcrumbs make error replication and fixes faster and easier than ever.
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Easily search and segment errors to fix the right bugs with speed

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  • Prioritize errors by VIP customers, spend, SLA, or subscription tier to improve app stability and safeguard your brand reputation.
  • Isolate events by stacktrace, thread, device, application, experiments, A/B tests, and custom attributes using the BugSnag search bar for more efficient diagnosis.
  • For microservices environments, add user IDs to BugSnag to easily search and segment errors by who they are impacting, across all of your applications.
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Automated error logs compatible with countless applications, including backend platforms

As a full stack stability management platform, Bugsnag supports over 50 mobile, web, and server-side platforms. While error logs for different applications, operating systems, networks, and servers are set up in different ways, BugSnag is able to service nearly all of them. 

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Integrate with your existing tools and applications

BugSnag knows that stability monitoring is one component in a large ecosystem of development solutions, such as chat and data forwarding. That’s why we integrate with over 40 tools, including Jira, Slack, PagerDuty, and GitHub.

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Eventbrite switched from logging solutions to BugSnag for greater visibility into errors and end-to-end diagnostics
"Now I can be confident that everything is going into BugSnag, and we can actually see the number of users that are hitting a bug, the number of different events. We get such granular data that I know I can go in there and find errors that are impactful."

Senna Bala

Senior QA Engineer