September 5, 2014

API Improvements with user auth, comment creation and more

Our customers already use the Bugsnag API to build awesome custom dashboards, and to slice and dice their crash data any way they choose.

Today we’re making the API even easier to use and more powerful with some great additions:

Authenticate as a User

You can now authenticate with the Bugsnag API using your Bugsnag user credentials as well as your account’s auth token. This opens up API usage to everyone on your Bugsnag account, even if they’re not account admins.

Create & Update Comments

When authenticated as a Bugsnag user, you can now create and update comments on errors!

Filter Events by Time Range

You can now specify a start_time and end_time when fetching events from the Bugsnag API. This helps you find the exact set of crashes you are looking for much quicker.

How will you use these API improvements in your apps? Have any further suggestions for API changes? Let us know on Twitter!

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