October 31, 2023

BugSnag Now Directly Integrates with Aspecto Distributed Tracing 

Time is money, and software bugs waste both. According to a recent study, American companies lose over $2 trillion per year due to poor software quality.  

There is no room for error when it comes to your application – your developers need to be able to identify issues, prioritize them, and fix them as fast as possible, all while creating new features and products at the same time. 

At SmartBear, our goal is to make it easier for you to create quality software and release with confidence. That being said, we’re excited to announce a new integration for BugSnag and Aspecto. After Aspecto joined us earlier this year, the team has been working hard to create a seamless production experience so developers can know exactly what they need to do next.  

Aspecto is an OpenTelemetry (OTel) pioneer whose capabilities further extend SmartBear’s modern, developer-focused observability capabilities. Aspecto maps microservice- based architectures and visualizes all real-time interactions between services and APIs through its advanced distributed tracing capabilities.  

Users can use the integration to search for and visualize any transaction from the front end to the back end and quickly pinpoint errors and bottlenecks. It can also correlate traces with other log and metric data. 

Details of Aspecto Integration in BugSnag 

In BugSnag, you can now select an error and see a detailed visualization of the error’s distributed trace. This delivers end-to-end visibility for developers who constantly need to save time while finding the root causes of errors. 

Once you set up your Aspecto instance and BugSnag integration, you’ll see the Aspecto tab appear in your BugSnag errors. Aspecto assigns a distributed trace ID to every error in your Inbox. Once you click over to Aspecto, you’ll see a full visualization of what happened, where it happened, and when. 

In an era where developers can spend up to 60% of their time finding and fixing errors, time-saving solutions are critical. This ability to deep dive into each error saves your developers the time they’re looking for – and gives them the end-to-end visibility to know how to track them down.

We’re looking forward to even more integration between BugSnag’s world-class observability solutions and Aspecto’s cutting-edge distributed tracing capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates soon! 

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