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May 1, 2019

Build apps in Expo, monitor stability in BugSnag

As one of the most popular frameworks around, Expo is hailed as the fastest way to build native iOS and Android apps in JavaScript — without writing native code. Built around React Native as a free and open source toolchain, Expo brings speed and agility to application development without sacrificing quality or the user experience.

While Expo makes app development quick, BugSnag makes error monitoring painless.

That’s right: we are excited to introduce BugSnag for Expo, which provides complete visibility into the crashes and errors your users experience while using Expo apps. By building on the features of our best-in-class React native support, we supply the exact details needed to reproduce and fix errors with speed and precision.

Bugsnag Release Dashboard

Here’s how we deliver stability monitoring through full-featured crash reporting.

Full stack traces

Source maps are uploaded automatically to BugSnag when your app is built, so you see the original code locations in stack traces every time. This feature allows you to diagnose and fix errors quickly without searching through lines of code.

Release tracking

View the stability score of each new release of your app, including new versions deployed in over-the-air updates. Release tracking enables you to identify bad releases and take immediate action.

Device and app data

Diagnostic information from your users’ devices, such as the OS version and phone type, help you pinpoint the cause of unusual errors.

Automatic breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs show the actions that users performed in the run-up to an error, which helps you reproduce crashes with ease. Breadcrumbs are recorded automatically for common events, such as navigation through your app, but you can also add your own to customize what events you monitor.

User details

See which users are experiencing errors in order to provide proactive support and improve their overall experience. Additionally, you can prioritize fixing issues that affect your most important customers.

Notifications and alerts

Get notified whenever a new error occurs or when the error rate in your app is elevated. With real-time alerts, it’s easier to address issues promptly and ensure that the number of impacted users is minimized.

Own your data

Have full control over what data is reported to BugSnag. Our library is fully open source, which enables you to see what it’s doing and customize usage to best match your needs.

How to get started

Ready to monitor your Expo app stability?

Get up and running with BugSnag for Expo in a matter of minutes by following our easy integration guide. If you have any questions along the way, we are here to help.

BugSnag helps you prioritize and fix software bugs while improving your application stability
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