December 17, 2013

Twelve Features of Christmas Day 8: User Search

We’re excited to roll out user search today, a feature we know many of you have been waiting for. It is now possible to search for a full user id, email address, or name in the search box on your Bugsnag dashboard, and we’ll show you all errors that affected that user.

Searching by id should work immediately for most Bugsnag customers, but you’ll need to upgrade your Bugsnag notifier library to the latest version to begin sending the information we need for name and email address search.

Quick Rails App Example

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_bugsnag_notify :set_bugsnag_user
  def set_bugsnag_user(notification)
    notification.user = {
      name: "James Smith",
      email: ""

See the full ruby documentation for more details.

Other Apps

We’ve already updated most of our notifier libraries to support the sending of structured user data. See our documentation on setting structured user data for Android, iOS/OSX, PHP and Java.

We’re updating our Node, Python and JavaScript notifiers soon to also support this feature.

We’d Love Your Feedback

Get in contact with us via email to tell us what you think about the new feature. We’d love to hear your feedback! Stay posted via our blog or twitter to see what we release tomorrow!

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