Error Monitoring at Zynga: From Development to Production

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Mobile gaming has grown to become the largest segment of video gaming, accounting for 45% of the market. Even now, mobile gaming continues to accelerate as downloads and usage have spiked 75% in recent weeks. How do mobile gaming engineers keep their apps stable so that crashes don’t compromise gamer experience?

Hit It Rich! is a popular mobile game by Zynga and is built in Unity. The engineering team practices a unique approach to managing errors and app stability. If you’re curious to find out what that process looks like, join us in this webinar where we’ll go over Zynga’s best practices on how to:

  • Identify issues in production: Hear examples that can arise during the release process as well as after a release is live. Gain insight into how error data from Bugsnag is piped into the Zynga data visualization tool.
  • Manage error prioritization: Learn how Zynga prioritizes and assigns errors to engineers. Experience how the seamless two-way sync between Jira and Bugsnag creates an efficient debugging workflow.
  • Monitor and verify error fixes: Discover methods for investigating and fixing software errors and ensuring that issues are resolved. See how Zynga leverages the integration between Splunk and Bugsnag to capture production crash rates and top occurring issues.
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Leo Schnee
Software Engineering Manager
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Eric Degler
Customer Success Manager
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Error Monitoring at Zynga: From Development to Production

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