Error Monitoring for Health Technology Apps

Prevention is the first line of defense for patient health. Shouldn’t your health tech apps be treated the same way? Become an error monitoring practitioner with BugSnag.
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Don’t fall victim to app-threatening bugs or errors.

Health technology companies are experiencing off-the-charts growth, but only those that live up to stringent standards will thrive. Delivering on expectations for health and fitness apps requires every user experience to be free of app-threatening bugs and crashes.

Healthy Experiences

Deliver error-free user interactions

Real-time Diagnosis

Enable fast debugging with stability insights

Complete Security

Protect data and remain compliant

Maximize the well-being of every code release

Never second-guess whether it’s time to debug or build new features. With the Stability Center, developers always know the health of every release, and stability targets provide the exact guidance needed to determine if it’s time to debug or to build new features. And, anytime a release’s stability levels fall below the target, developers have the exact information needed to raise stability back up again.  

Available on-premises to protect privacy and maintain control

Healthcare involves sensitive patient information that must adhere to certain rules. To ensure compliance without additional effort, BugSnag offers self-hosting as one of our deployment options. Run your stability management platform on-premises with either a single server or scaled across multiple machines for high-availability and processing.

  • Focus alerts for decision making purposes
  • Fine-tune alerts to make them actionable
  • Leverage alerts to drive code ownership

Information at your fingertips: Filter and search for errors with ease

Emergencies must be handled efficiently, which means developers need access to protocols that provide the exact information required for immediate action. With BugSnag’s advanced search builder, it’s painless to filter and bookmark errors by their impact on a release, a particular segment of users, or even a specific feature.

Telemedicine mobile apps have experienced a 613% surge in usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Application Stability Management: Making it easy to maintain healthy code.

Fix errors faster than you did with common logging solutions

Common logging solutions are helpful but not designed to help the engineer reproduce and fix errors. Imagine if physicians knew exactly how to treat patients by looking at a simple report. While medicine may not be there yet, software development is. BugSnag’s portfolio of error insights provides detailed and precise error reports. Developers always have the exact information needed to efficiently reproduce and fix software errors. 

  • Automatic error grouping by root cause
  • Fully-readable stack traces and breadcrumbs
  • Environment data and custom metadata
  • Automatic ANR and OOM detection for Android and iOS

“The benefit of arbitrary metadata and the ability to do things like breadcrumbs for us has been essential."

Matt Robinson, iOS Engineer, Strava

Get alerts and notifications only for bugs that matter

Not every error requires urgent attention. Too many notifications can make it difficult for developers to know what to address or ignore. With BugSnag’s Alerting and Workflow Engine, errors can be prioritized and sent only to the relevant developer who owns the affected code, which minimizes overall notification noise. Developers are empowered to:

  • Focus alerts for decision making purposes
  • Fine-tune alerts to make them actionable
  • Leverage alerts to drive code ownership
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The prognosis is clear: Switch to BugSnag today.

Enterprise gold support

Select enterprise gold support to receive personal assistance from BugSnag’s expert team of engineers, all of whom are invested in your success. Our support team prepares bespoke solutions to help set up your error reports in a way that enriches your error monitoring workflow and achieves your key business objectives.

Data piping flexibility

Without any hidden costs, BugSnag offers high-volume JSON read/write APIs and business intelligence (BI) integrations with Amazon SQS and Splunk. BugSnag enables you to download your own data into internal tools as you please.

“I have to say that you and the other guys on your team provide the best support I’ve ever encountered in a tech company.”

Principal Software Engineer, Television Streaming Company


Connect and share information across alert, chat, data forwarding, issues tracking, SSO, and source control tools. Enjoy two-way syncing with Jira, PagerDuty, and Gitlab.

Platform support

BugSnag is compatible with over 50 platforms across the stack, including Android, iOS, and React Native.