Swift and straightforward bug fixes

Get the error context you need to quickly fix bugs and get back to building new features
Save time debugging
Bug fixes are faster with all error details in one place
Focus on impact
Evaluate errors based on impact to focus your energy on the ones that count
Get aligned on stability
Make a case for technical debt projects when stability goes down

Get back to building great features

Bug fixes are faster and hassle-free with complete error reports in a pleasant to use dashboard

See the line of code that crashed

See where the bug originates in your code with an automatically captured stacktrace for every error. You can integrate with your source control tool to access the repo with a single click.

For JavaScript and mobile platforms, upload your source maps, dSYMs, or ProGuard files to view a readable stacktrace from minified or obfuscated source code.

Find out how BugSnag sybolicates stack traces

Reproduce bugs faster than before

Avoid the hassle of slowly piecing together what happened that caused a bug. Get a timeline of user actions and system broadcasts leading up to an error so you have a clear path to reproduce.

Easily access all error data in one place

When your priority is debugging, having a single tool you can turn to saves you time and effort. You can store all your projects' error data in BugSnag plus custom metadata so you'll have everything you need to debug efficiently, in one place.

Learn about the advanced features of BugSnag
Focus on impact

Fix bugs with the greatest impact on stability

Impact indicators and prioritization tools help you focus on the errors that matter and ignore bugs not worth fixing

Evaluate bugs in important error segments

Not all bugs are worth fixing. Search helps you narrow your view to the most meaningful errors, like in your most recent release, or within your area of ownership within your application's code. This helps you focus on bugs that impact stability so you can get back to coding.

Learn about search and segmentation

Have confidence in the code you produce

The stability score helps you make a case for technical debt projects so you can work to improve code quality in your projects

Improve code quality when stability drops

Working in buggy code bases can be draining. Make a case for technical debt projects when stability is consistently lower than your standards.

Learn how to manage the stability of your releases

Ensure team alignment throughout the debugging process

Align your teams with assignment rules to create a single source of truth about who owns what. Automatically assign new errors to a team or collaborator, and notify the rule assignee with an email notification. Record each error assignment so users can view the list of rules for quick reference.

Order your rules for clear designation on which rules take precedence over others. When priorities change, effortlessly reorder rules with drag-and-drop features and add a description when rules require additional context.

How to manage precedence
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