December 22, 2020

Streamlined and secure ways to manage user access and permissions

We take security very seriously, and one of the tenets of this is making sure that we provide engineering organizations with the capabilities they need to ensure security and compliance. Whether you’re using Bugsnag’s SaaS or On-Premise version, there are several capabilities that allow you to provide and manage secure user access and permissions.

Automatic sync with single sign-on integrations

Single sign-on solutions help organizations provide and manage secure access to business applications for their employees. Bugsnag’s integrations with single sign-on providers support secure and reliable user provisioning. Once a new person joins the organization and their account is created in the SSO provider, it is also automatically created in Bugsnag. This helps streamline onboarding and allows the manager to quickly provide the new user access to projects in Bugsnag that they will be contributing to.

Any user attribute changes are also automatically synchronized between the SSO provider and Bugsnag. For example, should the organization change their domain because of an acquisition, every users’ email address in Bugsnag is automatically updated with the new domain and their access is uninterrupted. Should a user leave the organization and be deactivated in the SSO provider, they are also automatically deactivated and removed as a user from Bugsnag, suspending any access they had to projects and company data.

Manage collaborator access and gain visibility into permissions

Apart from the capabilities available via SSO, collaborator settings in Bugsnag also provide options for managing access to Bugsnag and the organization’s projects. Admins can see every user and manage their role and project access. Search capabilities allow admins to quickly search for a user or a specific project to update access, which is helpful when managing access for a large number of users and projects in Bugsnag.

Additionally, our new user audit logs provide security admins visibility into user permissions and the actions they take within Bugsnag. This visibility can be useful to ensure no one has unnecessary access and also to understand who made certain changes. Audit logs include:

  • Creation or deletion of organizations or projects
  • Organization and project settings changes
  • Collaborator creation, access, and authentication settings changes
  • Integration changes

Should you have any questions about how your organization can take advantage of single sign-on integrations, collaborator settings, or user audit logs to ensure security and compliance when managing user access and permissions, please contact Support.

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