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StubHub serves more than 25 millions users who are buying or selling event tickets. However, it was not uncommon for customers to encounter errors that could’ve been easily avoidable had they adopted an error monitoring system. This in turn led to abandoned ticket purchases, and therefore lost sales, as well as a higher probability of unfinalized postings for those users seeking to resell their tickets.
StubHub has completely integrated Bugsnag into their continuous development process. Thanks to Bugsnag they have seen a staggering 40% decrease in support tickets related to product complaints and a 1-3% increase in purchase conversion, where buyers successfully move to the next step in the process. In addition, they release new code faster and have higher code quality on new releases.
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StubHub sought to integrate error monitoring in their applications to mitigate lost sales due to poor customer experiences.
StubHub is a marketplace where more than 25 million users seek to buy or sell tickets for events they are passionate about. Their philosophy—to create great life experiences for their customers—is not limited to the events they help their users attend. Instead, StubHub's Operations team strives to extend this philosophy throughout the customer experience, especially when using their platform. This means ensuring every step of the buying or selling process is flawless.
StubHub’s team of hundreds of engineers diligently test their code before each deploy, but it is almost impossible to predict and test the behavior of more than 25 millions users. This naturally led to edge case errors occurring for some users which translated to the loss of potential sales, either through an incomplete ticket purchase or posting. “We needed to adopt an error monitoring tool to help us make the invisible, visible,” says George Loyer, Director of Technical Operations at StubHub.
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Proactively addressing errors with deploy tracking
Before Bugsnag, StubHub’s engineering and operations teams had to go through the tedious and time-consuming task of searching through logs in order to understand what errors users were encountering. In addition, many errors were going unseen which lead to many customer complaint calls being triggered or purchases being abandoned.
“We now identify and fix problems before customers notice them.”
Bugsnag has saved valuable time for StubHub by making it quick and straight-forward to identify and fix the errors that matter. “We now have all of the information we need to effectively reproduce an error and get it solved. This means no more disgruntled customers on the other side of the phone,” mentions Loyer. They can now proactively see the effects of each of their 4-5 weekly releases immediately after deploy, and take instant action if needed. “We make sure that every customer experience is a positive one so they can keep coming back,” explains Loyer.
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Quickly identifying and fixing bugs leads to more ticket purchases
StubHub has seen many benefits thanks to the complete integration of Bugsnag into their continuous development process. “In such an environment, things happen really fast. Bugsnag has allowed us to keep that fast-pace while at the same time giving us all the information we need in a digestible manner,” says Loyer.
Thanks to Bugsnag, they have seen a staggering 40% decrease in support tickets related to product complaints and a 1-3% conversion rate increase on each stage of the customer buying process.
They are now able to have faster and higher quality releases which have significantly improved the experience for both buyers and sellers. After adopting Bugsnag, StubHub has seen a staggering 40% decrease in the amount of support tickets related to product complaints. In addition, they have seen a 1-3% increase of purchase conversion (meaning that a buyer moves to the next step in the purchasing process) for each error they address. This might seem like a small percentage, but when talking about millions of transactions it makes a big difference.
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