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Monitor your website and mobile app for errors that impact your customers.
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See users impacted by application errors
Automatically monitor for application errors across mobile, server, browser, and desktop
Install the open source library
Bugsnag's open source error reporting libraries can be installed in 3 minutes with just a few lines of code. It sits dormant in your app until an error is detected, and automatically notifies you via email, Slack, or PagerDuty.
Grouped errors with users impacted data
Root-cause error grouping
Identifying which errors happen most and hurt the most users is powered by Bugsnag's intelligent error grouping. Aggregating errors by root cause decreases noise in your notifications and helps you assess impact.
Get alerted instantly
Bugsnag automatically alerts you to errors via Slack, email, PagerDuty, or using webhooks. Customize alerting rules per channel based on frequency, severity, release stage, or when spikes are detected in your error rates.
Fix errors with the greatest impact
Not all errors need fixing. Prioritize errors with the greatest user impact.
Grouped errors with users impacted counts
Cut through the noise to discover critical errors
Filter out noisy errors and surface specific errors relevant to you. Filter by user or environmental diagnostic data, or use custom filters to view errors by A/B test variant, plan or pricing tier, or server.
Easily fix with full diagnostic reports
All the data you need to debug is automatically collected with every error including the stacktrace, user actions leading to the error, and environmental data.
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