January 19, 2021

Streamline error prioritization and debugging workflows with the new Microsoft Teams integration

We’re excited to announce an integration with Microsoft Teams, the chat, meeting and team collaboration platform. The new integration allows you to receive alerts in Microsoft Teams about errors captured by BugSnag in your application. These error alerts are important to stay aware of issues in the application and to kick off error prioritization and debugging workflows.

Gain immediate visibility into the errors that matter to you

The integration allows you to learn about new errors in the application in real-time with alerts in your Microsoft Teams channels. You can set up alerts so your team is pinged about errors occurring more frequently, occurring in the latest release, and more. BugSnag’s Alerting and Workflow Engine provides you flexibility to filter these alerts however you want so they are useful.

Maybe you only want to be alerted of errors occurring in your part of the codebase because those are errors you need to investigate and resolve. Or perhaps you want to set up alerts going to specific Microsoft Team channels, like the Customer Success team’s channel, for errors affecting key customers. Filtering alerts can help minimize noise and help you and your team focus on prioritizing and fixing the most pressing stability issues in the application.

Streamline error triaging without leaving Microsoft Teams

Now that you have been alerted in Microsoft Teams of errors in the application, you have to decide what to do. Depending on the error severity, you may decide to kick off the debugging workflow. Clicking the details link will take you to the error details page in BugSnag which has more information about error impact and diagnostics. Once the error has been resolved, you can change the status of the error in BugSnag to fixed without leaving Microsoft Teams by using the mark as fixed button.

You can also change the status to snooze if you decide that the error is not important to address until it occurs more often or affects more customers, or ignore it if it’s something you are aware does not need your attention. Managing the error inbox from within Microsoft Teams helps your team save time and focus on the errors that matter. Discover more best practices for sustainably triaging errors by watching our on-demand webinar.

BugSnag also has integrations with other chat platforms including Slack, Gitter, and more. See our website for a complete list of integrations available.

Get started

Read our documentation to get started with the new Microsoft Teams integration. If your team is currently using the integration that Microsoft Teams built using BugSnag’s webhooks, then we encourage you to migrate. The new integration will allow you to take advantage of the capabilities discussed above including alert filtering to gain visibility into the errors that matter to you, and changing the status of an error in BugSnag right from within Microsoft Teams. These are not supported by the webhooks-based integration.

If you’re new to BugSnag, start a 14-day free trial or request a customized demo of our error monitoring and stability management platform.

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