Buy vs. Build Error Monitoring

Are you thinking about building your own homegrown error reporting system, despite available third-party tools? 
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Safeguard your applications

While homegrown tools might sound like a good idea at first, there are many reasons why a professional error reporting system is a much stronger bet, especially if you want to safeguard your applications and keep developers and customers happy. And who doesn’t want that?

Stay focused on core competencies

Developers want to focus on building new features and functionality for your product offering, not homegrown error reporting tools. 

BugSnag error reports provide rich diagnostic data to help engineers investigate and fix bugs faster.

Handled and unhandled errors in production

Automatically report errors from your production application for immediate insights

Breadcrumbs, stack traces, and environment states

Diagnose errors faster with contextual information at your fingertips

Unlimited error searching and grouping

Prioritize the errors that deliver the most value for your business

Improve developer productivity : save time and money

As companies scale, error monitoring needs grow larger and more complex. Time and money are better spent investing in a professional error reporting service from the get-go.

Learn about BugSnag’s Search and Segmentation which allows engineers to filter errors by any criterion or search term.


is wasted per engineer every month on debugging


of an engineer’s time is spent investigating and fixing bugs


of app developers waste up to 25% of their time debugging errors discovered in production

“There is a lot less search involved with BugSnag, and the overall process of troubleshooting bugs is significantly more pleasant.”

Blake Mesdag, Senior Developer, CI Infrastructure Team, Shopify

Keep your employees happy

Engineering leaders realize that an error reporting service is worth the price to keep their engineers happy and focused on fulfilling development work.

Learn about the Alerting and Workflow Engine which helps engineering organizations focus their BugSnag alerts to drive code ownership and streamline debugging workflows.

Prevent engineering burn out from when priorities shift away from working on the core product and new features

Eliminate frustration arising from when homegrown error reporting systems don't work properly

Reduce the burden on engineers as technical debt is hard to track in DIY tools

“Engineers won’t ever want to give BugSnag up once they use it. I would definitely recommend it.”

Daniel Gebler, CTO, Picnic

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Benefit from innovation and expertise

BugSnag is built and maintained by an engineering organization that is wholly focused on continuously innovating state-of-the-art error monitoring.

For example, application stability is a concept championed by BugSnag, and it measures successful user interactions per release. Stability scores tell the real story about the impact of errors on end users. The idea of application stability as a reflection of software health is a result of having a singular focus on improving error monitoring.

“The stability score is extremely important at HotelTonight because it is a reliable, at-a-glance metric that immediately tells us the health of the application.”

Doug Suriano, iOS Manager, Hotel Tonight

Full stack support with two-way sync integrations

BugSnag supports full stack monitoring, all the way from the backend infrastructure to the end user. With a DIY tool, you can only monitor platforms that the homegrown tool supports. 

Never worry about internal infrastructure changes or multiple languages and frameworks. BugSnag supports over 50 platforms and also offers over 40 integrations. Enjoy built-in integrations with Jira, Slack, along with BI and data management tools.

Share in the benefits

Mid-size and large companies tend to have similar requirements and use cases for error monitoring. Present-day features and enhancements have been designed and built for companies that share goals similar to yours.

Third-party error reporting services have the experience to meet the needs of many different industries. Everyone benefits from improvements based on the feedback of other customers.