Error Monitoring and Stability Management for Business & Consumer Apps

Innovation wins over customers, but instability sends them packing. Protect your customer base by delivering stable apps with BugSnag.
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Error Monitoring and Stability Management for Business & Consumer Apps
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Stability Management: Because developers want to innovate, not chase bugs.

Maximize Sales

Increase revenue by enticing new customers

Develop with Precision

Know when to build new features or fix bugs

Maximize Retention

Keep top accounts engaged and happy

App Releases Dashboard

Boost developer productivity by 50% with actionable error reports

With detailed and precise error reports, developers have the exact information needed to reproduce and fix software errors with competence and speed. BugSnag’s app stability management insights account for every situation.

  • Automatic error grouping by root cause
  • Fully-readable stack traces and breadcrumbs
  • Environment data and custom metadata
  • Automatic Android ANR and iOS OOM detection
  • Release adoption trends graph for mobile applications

“BugSnag significantly alleviates the pain of troubleshooting errors.”

Teresa Dietrich, CTO, Namely

Promote a culture of code ownership and efficiency

When an error occurs in any part of the codebase, alerting capabilities make it easy to inform the right developer immediately. With the Alerting and Workflow Engine, errors can be prioritized, and noise from notifications can be minimized. Use BugSnag for app stability management so you can:

  • Fine-tune alerts to make them actionable
  • Leverage alerts to drive code ownership
  • Focus alerts for decision making purposes

“BugSnag is a central tool that enables us to create ownership mentality for all software engineers.”

Eddie Kim, CTO and cofounder, Gusto

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Attract and retain business with reliable, reputable SaaS solutions

Earn customer trust by turning dependability into a core feature

SaaS apps must perform perfectly every time they are used. Any error and crash can destroy customer confidence, which cripples retention and drives down revenue. BugSnag’s Stability Center promotes stability management for business and consumer apps. Session and user stability metrics are always on hand so you can prioritize and fix errors with speed and precision. The Releases dashboard offers deeper insights into Stability Scores (crash-free rates) so you can make sure customers receive consistent and strong user experiences at all times. 

Have stability while managing a fast-paced release cycle

Gone are the days of releasing new features to your entire customer base. And that’s a good thing! Experiments such as phased rollouts and A/B testing make it easy to test new features with a small subset of your customer base using custom array filters. You can monitor errors and manage stability so critical bugs are eliminated before a broader release.

Custom Array Filters
Error Search and Segmentation

Monitor and protect high-value customer relationships

Businesses have a lot of choices when it comes to SaaS solutions, so it’s important to protect your valuable customers from unstable releases or features. With the advanced search builder, you can filter and bookmark errors that impact a segment of users, particular environment, or a specific feature within your application to ensure the best experiences possible for your top customers.

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Not all bugs are worth fixing. Not all solutions fit the bill.

App Stability ≠ App Performance

APM focuses on infrastructure, site reliability, and DevOps. Application stability management (ASM) is designed for software engineers who build and maintain software applications. APM seeks to reduce costs, and ASM seeks to maximize revenue.

Say “Bye!” to the DIY

Engineers should spend their valuable time building your core product. Prevent employee burnout over an in-house tool. Give the gift of a third-party error monitoring solution used by fellow industry leaders who want to achieve the same business outcomes.

BugSnag works with logging tools

Tired of sifting through pages of error logs? Common logging solutions are helpful but not designed to enable engineers to reproduce and fix errors. Use BugSnag to prioritize errors and integrate with logging tools for a holistic view.

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Lower customer churn, boost lifetime value.
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Enterprise gold support

Select enterprise gold support to receive personal assistance from our expert team of engineers who are invested in your success. Our support team prepares bespoke solutions to help you set up your error reports in a way that enriches your error monitoring workflow in order to achieve your key business objectives.

"I have to say that you and the other guys on your team provide the best support I’ve ever encountered in a tech company."

Principal Software Engineer, Television Network Company

“I can’t overstate how important it is for us to have this crash data, and to have it as quickly as we have it, to have it as real-time as we have it.”

Jordan Golinkoff, Sr. Data Scientist, Pandora

Data piping flexibility

Without any hidden costs, BugSnag offers high-volume JSON read/write APIs and business intelligence (BI) integrations with Amazon SQS and Splunk. BugSnag enables you to download your own data into internal tools as you please.


Connect and share information across alert, chat, data forwarding, issues tracking, SSO, and source control tools. Enjoy two-way syncing with issue trackers like Jira.

Platform support

BugSnag is compatible with over 50 platforms, including Android, iOS, React Native, Unity, and Cocos2d-x.