Bugsnag for Mobile

Deliver consistently stable mobile apps to your users
Dashboard showing releases stability.

Balance stability and new feature releases

Stability is key for high app store ratings. Use the stability score as your guiding light for determining when it’s time to focus on debugging. Fixing impactful crashes lets you consistently offer a high-quality app experience.

Learn how to manage the stability of your releases

Prioritize mobile crashes that impact your users and business

Mobile apps have a high volume of errors, but not all bugs are worth fixing. Focus on the ones with the greatest impact on your users using search to help you segment errors and find the crashes that need fixing.

Helpful tips for mobile crash reporting

Swift and straightforward mobile debugging

Fix mobile bugs faster with all the data you need in one place. Get a stack trace for every crash plus breadcrumbs to help you understand what happened that led to a crash.

Bugsnag supports dSYMs for iOS, Proguard, DexGuard, + R8 mapping files for Android, and source maps for React Native JavaScript bundles.

Find out how Bugsnag sybolicates stack traces

Built for mobile platforms