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Best Practices for Sustainably Triaging Bugs & Defects

59 min
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What you'll learn

Any organization currently managing the stability of their software applications understands that proactive error management plays a large role in saving time and money. Luckily we’ve compiled the best strategies for prioritizing the bugs in our error inbox. Every engineering team has a unique internal process, but all teams can benefit from applying some simple techniques for streamlining their workflows. 

In this webinar, Keegan Lowenstein, Dashboard Engineering Lead at Bugsnag, shares his best practices for triaging software bugs like a pro. He’ll cover:

  • Basic triaging principles: Where to begin and how to structure your approach to organizing errors
  • Expert triaging tips: How to achieve inbox zero by utilizing various filters and labels in your error monitoring solution 
  • Measurable goals: Setting reasonable expectations for your team when it comes to managing software bugs 
  • Team impact: Examples of how to leverage your error monitoring solution to promote collaboration and transparency
Keegan Lowenstein
Dashboard Engineering Lead